Frequently asked questions

Before you Cruise!

  1. Cruising is a great value! The cruise price includes a lot like your accommodation, excellent food, cleaning service, fun activities, great entertainment.
  2. Between visiting exciting harbours and discovering new destinations, you can relax by the pool, enjoy spa treatments, work, play in a children's center supervising your children, attend a lecture or class, or go to many other activities.
  3. Probably the best, you only need to unpack once!

It can be as short or as long as you want. There are cruise deals from two days to the whole year. Whatever your schedule, we will do our part to find the right cruise for you. The most common cruise length is seven days, experienced cruisers prefer 10 to 14 days or more.

Insider Tip: Cruise daily cost may decrease based on the length of the cruise you choose.  So, longer the cruise, prices per day usually go down.

Most likely, NO! Every family member can enjoy fun and happiness activities. There are special events for children and teens. Moreover, adults can enjoy a lot of activities for day and night. Your whole family will have a good time. You can do as much or as little as you like.. For most travelers, cruising is a way to reduce travel stress, and the best solution is to recharge your batteries on lazy days at sea between ports. Let the captain and crew work hard for you!

Cruising is the best holiday value! Cruises are available to suit every budget and taste. You know what most of your vacation will be like before you go. Generally, cruise prices include your:

  1. Accommodation,
  2. Plenty of food (including 24-hour room service),
  3. Onboard activities,
  4. Day and night entertainment,
  5. Port-to-port transportation.

Additional costs may include:

  1. Drinks
  2. Speciality restaurants,
  3. Excursions, (I recommend booking your excursions ahead of time)
  4. Spa services

Today's modern cruise ships are large, equipped with high-tech stability equipment and weather forecasting equipment. In a situation where you are likely to experience motion sickness, there are several solutions to alleviate your worries. It is good to consult your doctor for recommendations..

Cruise ships have trained and licensed physicians on international vessels. Modern cruise ships have medical facilities ranging from intensive care units to x-ray suites and blood test labs. We recommend you to have cruise travel insurance from the cruise line or let our partners at help you with a plethora of options. 

Cruising is so popular. Today's cruise ships are so advanced in what they offer and designed to satisfy all kinds of people on board. Although a few cruise lines do cater to a certain clientele, most mainstream cruise ships do not cater to only a certain type of person. Most importantly, the newest ships are nicely designed to find plenty of places to relax or socialize. As a result, you can be as private or friendly as you like. During your cruise vacation, you will find senior citizens, honeymoon couples, families with toddlers, tots and teens (who prefer supervised child activities). Unmarried men and women and happy couples will be onboard. 

There are age restrictions on board, which may vary slightly. Here are a common few:

  1. Guests must be at least 18 or 21 to drink alcohol (valid I.D. required).
  2. Must be at least 18 years to enter the casino.
  3. Must be 16 years old or older to use the gym/spa facilities.
  4. Guests under the age of 18 are restricted from entering the disco after certain hours.

Families with children are increasing. Nearly all cruises provide supervised activities for children, especially during school holidays. If your kids enjoy swimming, sports, games, movies, and adventures in new places, they will love cruising. You will find that children adapt easily to the life of the ship. Trained counsellors help keep them safe, busy, and fun. Ships also offer a wide variety of age-appropriate activities suitable for teens and toddlers.

Insider TipAlthough most cruise lines welcome children, not all cruise lines will be equal enjoyment for the kiddos.  My recommendation is to choose a ship with a Kids activity center and other kids activities.  If you see a ship with no activities for them.  I recommend you to find another cruise line. 

Many cruise ships have children's programs throughout the year with supervised staff. Newer ships include playrooms, teen discos, video arcades, or computer rooms. Most cruise lines offer age-appropriate and supervised activities that keep children happy, busy, interested. Games, parties, treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, talent shows, movies, arts and crafts, puppet shows, pool games, water slides, the list goes on. Children's activities are generally classified according to age. You can see three or four different age groups: Toddlers (3-4 years), juniors (5-8 years), intermediaries (9-13 years) and teenagers (14-17 years). The age group varies by the cruise line.

If you are traveling with a baby, cruising is one of the most popular vacation options. Some ships offer private babysitting for babies as young as three months. Most ships and cribs offer high chairs and booster seats in the dining room upon request. If you need to store some milk, onboard staff will assist you. However, some cruise lines have a minimum age for children to travel.

Today's ships offer some of the hippest items specially made for teenagers. Teens love to have their own place to hang out. Clubs, discos, computer labs, soda bars, coffee houses, and D.J. booths are some places where they can enjoy. Of Course, there are swimming pools, table tennis, in-line skating, ice skating, miniature golf, arcade games, feature movies, rock-climbing walls, ping pong, basketball, and more on some ships..

Most parents find that vacationing is safer and, therefore, more relaxing than a land-based vacation because there are no places for children to get lost or disappear ashore. Shipboard youth activities are handled by staff specially selected to work with children.

Of course! Cruising is for everyone! Cruising is especially suitable for people traveling alone because it is so easy to meet other people. Some ships offer rates designed for single travelers. Like Norwegian Cruise Line.

Yes! Cruising offers an atmosphere favorable to romance: a healthy dinner for two, a walk on the deck at sunset, dancing away at night, and plenty of stargazing opportunities. Most cruises offer specialized services like serving champagne and breakfast in bed. Also, more and more couples are organizing destination weddings at various destinations, and many ships offer special packages for wedding ceremonies, receptions, and vow renewal.

Most vessels have low-salt, low-carbohydrate, low-cholesterol, diabetic, and other dietary preferences. This application must be made in advance.


Depending on the trip you are taking, you will probably need a passport. For all international cruises, you need one, regardless of whether you plan to land at any port.

Some countries require a visa in advance, so check out to confirm.

Yes, we strongly recommend buying travel insurance. Travel insurance for yourself is very wise, in case of any mishap such as trip interruption, travel delay, untimely cancellations, missed connections, misplaced baggage, or accidents, a decent portion of your loss is covered. If you don't have travel insurance you loose everything!

Booking your Cruise

As early as you decide you want to travel, start making plans! The best staterooms usually sell first. So, if you are particular in location, amenities and perks you need to book in advance! If you are not particular, then planning the “price game” may be ok.

Shockingly you can't book more than one stateroom at once online. Contact us and we will do it for you!

Cruise lines many times offer a marked down room called a “guarantee” room. These rooms guarantee you a room in that category or higher. It does not guarantee the location or room setup. These guarantee rooms allow them flexibility on location and category. Although, you will always receive that particular category or higher! The cruise lines might have the option to upgrade you to an increasingly premium classification when you book a guarantee. It isn't useful for those that are extremely specific about the specific area of their facilities (since you'd have positively no influence over that when you buy a guarantee).

Insider Tip:  Let me explain what an upgrade is from the cruise line point of view.  Within each main category are subcategories.  For example, a window room may have options for a large window, a small porthole window, or even an obstructed view window.  If you choose a guarantee obstructed window room,  you are guaranteed an obstructed window view or better.  Although, let's say you receive an upgrade, but you moved from deck 8 to deck 4.  This is still an upgrade (from an obstructed view to a full view). So, please only choose guarantee rooms if your priority is pricing.  The front desk onboard most likely will NOT change your room if you're unhappy. 

It depends upon the maximum number of people a stateroom can hold, and on the cruise line's guidelines. Certain rooms can hold a specific number of individuals. Another factor is that cruise lines can get to the point that they no longer allow any more people into a particular section of the ship.

Insider Tip:  If you think more people will join you,  then when booking your room choose a room that handles more than the initial occupancy!

We monitor sales trends and maintain flexible pricing based on supply and demand.  Cruise pricing fluctuates when fewer staterooms become available as the cruise approaches, prices can increase. However, when many new ships enter the local and international markets, last-minute deals are more readily available, but you do not have a wide cabin selection.

Even during the booking process, prices can change quickly based on time and availability. The price you see upon checkout will for sure be your final price.

Your cruise is based on double occupancy rates. When traveling alone, you will be charged to cover the unsold berth price in your stateroom. Note that this rate only applies to cabin rates, not taxes and service charges. However, some ships have exclusive occupancy cabins designed to make solo voyages more affordable.

Insider Tip:  Norwegian Cruise Line is Notorious for offering great solo rates, and single studio rooms!

One of the most honest mistakes people commit is to assume that their standard healthcare insurance will cover them while they are in international waters or countries. Please verify this with your healthcare insurance provider before resuming. It is good to purchase travel insurance because you may need it. If a close relative of yours or your traveling companion gets sick and you must cancel your trip to be with them, traveler's insurance offers you coverage for this. If you don't have insurance, you'll have to pay the costs involved in airlifting you off of the ship in a medical emergency and even the fees of seeing the ship's doctors. Also, if they do cover you for medical predicaments, cruise line penalties that may arise from cancelling due to medical reasons will not be included. Therefore, while cruising, we recommend travel insurance that can reimburse your expenditure under medical reasons, jury duty calls, and natural disasters. See for more info.

All the payments you make through us for your cruise will be processed directly for the cruise line. You will still receive a booking confirmation from us as well as the ability to view the status of your booking on the cruise lines website! We will send you all that information shortly after booking.

As long as your booking is not last minute, cruise lines send documents within two weeks before the departure date. You will receive your tickets via email. Cruise companies do not send paper tickets any longer. The boarding passes and travel summary should be printed by you from the cruise lines website!

A significant advantage of booking cruise line airfare is that the cruise line will incorporate roundtrip ground transportation between the ship and the dock. Another advantage is that on the off chance if you have an issue with your flight and miss the embarkation the cruise line may attempt to get you to the next port of call.

Some cruise lines expect clients to pay an extra fee for air deviation if they need to pick exact flights. By buying the standard cruise line airfare, the cruise line will plan a trip for you to get you to and from the ship on schedule. Notwithstanding, quite possibly, you may have to take a flight that will show up a day before the cruise begins or that will leave a day after the cruise closes. You must be Flexible! If you are not flexible, book your flights through us!

Your last payment due date will be recorded on your confirmation that we email to you after your booking was made. On the off chance that the cruise you're reserving is close to departure, you will be required to pay in full! If you do not pay your full balance by the final payment due date listed, the cruise is subjected to immediate cancellations with penalties. If you have lost your invoice or somehow did not receive it, please contact us.

Preparing for your Cruise

First, dress for comfort. Pack like it's any resort vacation. So, resort casual. I advise you to wear anything that is most comfortable for you: sportswear, shorts, slacks, and sundresses. Clothes made of lightweight and breathable are suitable for warm temperatures. For colder temperatures, we suggest plain clothing that is easily layered. Footwear should include comfortable walking shoes to visit the beach, sandals, and rubber soles for walking on the deck.

In the evening, the dress code varies depending on the ship and the occasion. Some ships may have a Captain's night, for example, you may want to wear a dark suit or cocktail dress, perhaps a dinner suit or gown. Due to today's lifestyle trends, cruises now offer a more relaxed and casual approach to dressing up on a cruise.

Yes, parking is available at most ports, at a low rate.

Insider Tip:  Some close by hotels offer free parking if you stay at least one night. If you do not want a Hotel for the night many ports have off-site parking, that is more affordable than onsite parking. 

There are a few ways:

  1. Buy ground transportation between the air terminal and the ship such as a shuttle.
  2. From the cruise line! If you'd prefer this way, let us know. We suggest you reserve early
  3. Take a taxi, limo or other car services.

Yes, we recommend that you do. Here is why?

  1. Avoid long lines
  2. Avoid selling out
  3. Sometimes a lower price

A shore excursion is an optional tour that can entail a show, activity, event, or trip that is available at an additional cost. Shore excursion generally happens during or after the cruise tour. Typical activities during shore excursion may include:

  • Swimming with the dolphins
  • Beach days
  • Helicopter rides
  • Wine or chocolate tasting events
  • Rainforest hikes
  • 4x4 off-roading adventures
  • City tours and boat parties
  • Fishing

You can purchase the activities involved in shore excursions through us and save!

During your Cruise?

Most large ships allow passengers to enjoy a variety of endeavours such as Broadway-style musicals to Vegas-style nightclubs. Lounge bands, jazz bands, outdoor sports. For fitness buffs, there are health centers and spas overlook the sea and offer the best exercise equipment. Aerobics, Pilates, Step, Spinning, and Yoga classes are usually offered (sometimes for a small fee). Some cruises provide excellent guest speakers and onboard learning experiences.

Very good question, not for the most part (unless a special is running). There are a couple of upscale cruise lines (for example, Regent Seven Seas, Silversea Cruises, Crystal Cruises, and others) that do have select mixed drinks for free. In any case, most cruise lines do charge for alcoholic drinks (and for a soft drink also). Typically, water, tea and different fountain juices are accessible at no extra charge.

Insider Tip:  Cruiselines are notorious for adding in Beverage Packages for FREE, in order for you to book.  So, when booking your cruise, select beverages as a wanted promotion!

I suggest you bring cash. However, you can withdraw cash from ATMs available onboard or access banks or other monetary facilities in the ports of call.

Yes, there are ATMs available on the vessel; however, most of them charge a high usage fee. You can also bring traveler's checks, credit cards and cash.

Yes, you must inform us  2 weeks before departure.

Not all ships have room service. However, those that do, usually offer an around the clock room service, excluding the last night on the cruise. Many selections available on the room service menu are no additional cost.

Smoking, like everywhere, is allowed in a designated area that does not impact other travelers. Generally, all staterooms, dining halls, and publicly accessible places are non-smoking. Check with guest services onboard to find out where their designated smoking area is. It's usually close to the Lido deck.

Yes, Most vessels have internet cafes. However, you will need to pay a nominal fee to gain access. The speed is generally slower while you are at sea than what you are used to.

Starboard, port, bow, and aft are nautical terms to depict the area onboard.

  • Starboard means to the right side of the ship when looking ahead
  • Port signifies the left side to the ship when facing forward.
  • Forward indicates the front portion of the vessel
  • Aft highlights the back of the ship.

Most staterooms have telephones. You can use your cell phone on some of the ships where cellular service is available. Most cruise ships now are Wi-Fi enabled. Supplementary charges apply for phone, internet, and cellular services.

Insider Tip: There are emergency contact numbers that your family can use to call you!  Give your family this number before you leave.