You Deserve Cruise Travel Insurance

Do you even need cruise travel insurance? Well, in this short Resource article we will help you answer that.

You Deserve Cruise Travel Insurance
Cruise Travel Insurance

We plan our dream cruise vacations to the last detail. We want it to be picture perfect. But then life happens.

Sometimes you miss a connecting flight, or lose your luggage, or even fall sick mid-cruise. The uncertainties of planning a trip are many, and cruise trip insurance is the only viable answer.

Cruise travel insurance policies are a must! 

This article talks about why you need to buy cruise travel insurance and everything related to it. By the end, we promise you will know all you need to make an informed decision.

Table Of Contents:

  1. What is cruise trip insurance and it's inclusions?
  2. What is the need for cruise trip insurance?
  3. Check whether it includes coverage for Coronavirus
  4. From where should you buy your cruise trip insurance policies?
  5. Conclusion

What are Cruise Travel Insurance and its inclusions?

Cruise travel insurance, like all other insurance policies, saves you from financial loss. You can miss your flight and your cruise altogether. In such a case, you will lose your booking fare. Although with a cruise travel insurance policy will help you get that money back.

There are many other inclusions. Let's see them one by one:

#1: Lost or Damaged Baggage Coverage

Your baggage can get lost, stolen, or damaged during the trip. But if you have travel insurance, you can get the bag's value, cost, or cost of repair or replacement.

#2: Emergency Medical And Dental Benefits

You might get sick on board or during excursions. Something as trivial as tripping on a tour to something as serious as a heart attack. Medical benefits are important coverages of travel insurance.

#3: Trip Cancellation Coverage

Some last moment problems like contracting high fever can lead you to cancel the cruise. But that can lead to losses as you will not get your money back. Although here steps in the travel insurance. It will help you get the non-refundable deposits also.

Insider Tip:  In my experience of 9 years onboard working with one of the largest cruise companies, this is the most common use of travel Insurance.  Our guests would invest thousands of dollars for their vacation, but due to an emergency, their entire investment was gone.  Remember, after final payment is made, you will NEVER receive ALL your money back if you cancel.  Many time, you will lose all of it. 

Trust me, get travel insurance through the cruise line or through!

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#4: Travel Delay And Missed Connection Coverage

What if your connecting flight is delayed? You will miss your ship. This coverage will pay for your meals, stay, and other expenses if anything such happens.

#5: Trip Interruption Coverage

Another situation can be when your ship needs some serious repair. Then you will need to disembark at the next port of call. Here cruise travel insurance will pay for your stay and meals etc.

#6: Cruise Disablement Coverage

Let's consider your ship does not makes it to the port, then this coverage helps you.

#7: Emergency Transportation Benefits

Sometimes your medical problem is out of the scope of the cruise medical facility. Then this coverage will help emergency transportation.

#8: Involuntary Job Loss

What if you or your travel partner loses their job a couple of months before the cruise date. You will either need to shell out a few more bucks or bear the cancellation of your booking.

Slim as the chances are of such a scenario, but job-loss coverage will help you if it does happen.

Though remember, that not all insurance policies provide this coverage. So, please double-check the policy.

#9: War Or Terrorism

War or terrorism is again a slim possibility, but a grave one anyway. This coverage takes care of acts of terrorism or labor strikes.

What Is The Need For Cruise Trip Insurance?

By now, you should understand that you need cruise travel insurance. It ensures that the missed flights and last moment medical problems do not spoil your plan and investment. 

What if you are on board and you get the news that your mother is critically ill. Anything you might be thinking will be heavy on your pocket. Plus difficult to arrange for. But you do need to be back. In such a case, travel insurance may help you arrange a flight, etc., from the next port of call. And you can finally attend to the more pressing issues.

Cruise trip insurance can handle the above and so many more situations smoothly. Let's see a handful of them.

Why You Need Cruise Travel Insurance

  1. Your bags are lost or damaged. Then the insurance company will cover you according to the policy rules.
  2. You get seriously sick and need emergency evacuation. You may need a helicopter for the same, and the cost can be as high as $1,00,000. But no need to worry as the insurance will cover the cost.
  3. Suddenly, you fall sick, and the cruise is embarking a week later. In this case, your policy will ensure you get all your booking money back. Yes, even the non-refundable deposits.
  4. You can get sick, mid-cruise too, and the treatment costs will skyrocket. But you can let a sigh of relief if you have insurance.
  5. Acts of terrorism are also covered. So, if God forbid, something wrong happens, you will get all your money back when you cancel your booking.
  6. Lastly, cruise travel insurance policies allow you to let out a sigh of relief. They give you the much-required peace of mind when you are out there for fun.

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Check Whether It Includes Coverage For Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected every bit of our lives, and cruising is no exception. The horrific memories of COVID-19 attacking cruises are still fresh in our minds.

However, cruising will now start with all the precautionary steps in place. Still, you must be equipped with adequate cruise travel insurance. Check and be doubly sure that your insurance policies include Coronavirus coverage.

For it is always better to be safe than sorry.

From Where Should You Buy Your Cruise Trip Insurance Policies?

There are always two ways to go about everything. And the same goes for buying cruise insurance policies. You can either buy a policy from the cruise line itself or through using the link given below.

Cruise lines offer travel insurance policies when you make your booking and also as an add on. On the other hand, we have, a reputable company in travel and leisure.

So, what do the experts say about these two methods? My expert advice goes in favor of the third party booking sites like And there are several reasons for the same.

#1: Limited Emergency Medical & Dental Coverage

There is a possibility that you may need emergency medical evacuation from the cruise. And when that happens, it won't come cheap. Experts estimate the cost of up to $1,00,000. And most cruise lines provide coverage of up to $30,000 only. In contrast, third party insurance policies offer up to $2,50,000. Thus third-party insurance wins here.

#2: Limited Trip Delay Coverage

Delay in connecting flights and trip delay are two very probable issues. And both need attention and preparation. The cruise line offered insurance gives around $500 coverage for trip delay benefits. They mostly provide no coverage for missed connection coverage. At the same time, third party insurance policies offer around $1000 for the trip delay. They also give around $500 for missed connection coverage.

There is a reason why cruise lines do not offer missed connection coverage. They provide coverage on stuff purchased from them. They do not consider your flight bookings, meals for the coverage because you did not buy these from them. As simple as that.


Summarizing, cruise travel insurance is an absolute necessity to ensure smooth sailing. And above all, it gives peace of mind.

The best method of buying travel insurance policies in my opinion will be through Cruise lines do not offer sufficient coverage, mostly because it is not their specialty.

Lastly, do remember to double-check whether your policy has coronavirus coverage or not.

So, this was all in our guide about cruise trip insurance policies. We at Cruisemore try to bring you the best cruise tips from an insider's perspective. We hope you liked this article. And if you found it useful, please share the article with your friends who might benefit from this.

Till then, Happy Cruising!