Top 14 Cruise Lines: Cruise Company Comparison

Which is the best Cruise Company for you? Read our Cruise Line Camparison Guide.

Top 14 Cruise Lines: Cruise Company Comparison
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Did you know there are more than 20 cruise lines headquartered in the US alone?

Thus, choosing your ideal cruise can be difficult, whether you are a seasoned cruiser or a newbie. So, here we are with a cruise company comparison guide! Are you excited?

We have compared the top 14 cruise companies. This cruise company comparison will take you through all the details you need to know to arrive at your ideal cruise ship.

If this article ignites your curiosity, and if you have any questions popping in your mind, drop them down in the comments section. I will be glad to answer.

So, let's start with our comparison guide:

Carnival Cruise Ship

Cruise Company Comparison: 14 Famous Cruise Lines

#1: Carnival Cruise Line- A Fun-Filled Voyage

Size of ships: Large

Cost: $


Carnival Cruise Line is the best cruise line for youngsters as Carnival ships have a party vibe. Although they may quiet down pretty early, the nightlife can extends into the morning. They have something for all—be it couples, family, or teenagers. But it is more popular with the younger crowd. And rightly so, as the atmosphere thrives with happy hours, dance parties, and whatnot. The bigger ships even abound with water sports and multi-purpose sport courts, etc. You are not short of fun at a Carnival ship.

Also, there is good news for parents who want a night-off. The drop-off kid program starts at age 2, while most lines start it from age 3.


Although, where there are positives, there are negatives too. The ships are crowded, especially in the lounges and pools when there is music or games. Also, the décor can seem a bit loud for some.

But in the end, it is an excellent line for starters. It is fun-packed and very affordable. So, if you are a newbie, go without a doubt with Carnival. We are pretty sure you will not be disappointed. Almost all aren't.

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#2:Azamara Club Cruises- Cruise in Style

Size of ships: Small

Cost: $$

Azamara Club Cruises are another name for style and luxury and often find couples as their guests.


The atmosphere onboard Azamara is always cheerful and is pure indulgence and a great place for an anniversary!

The best part of Azamara is that it covers all seven continents. And the longer cruises allow 2-3 days stay in those far-off lands. This amount of port time lets you explore in a more in-depth fashion. They offer individual excursions so that you do not have to lull around with a slow-moving group. But for more flexibility, you can also book a tour through CruiseMoreTravel. We have an impeachable record and have never missed a ship.

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Another commendable aspect of Azamara is its transparency. There will be no end-of-cruise surprises. Tips, liquor, beverages, everything is included in the fare.


Now, the low point of Azamara is not exactly a low one. It so happens that the crowd onboard is mostly mature. So, if you are already matured in age, it is not a drawback. Although, we understand that not all like a homogenous crowd. It is a subjective matter.

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#3: Norwegian Cruise Line- Flexible and Freestyle Cruising

Size of ships: Large

Cost: $

Norwegian Cruise Lines are known for their freestyle and diverse nature.


Want a speciality restaurant? You got it. Want a casual restaurant where you can go dressed in non-formal attire? You got it. You also got options like Brazilian Steakhouse and Chineses Noodle Bar, etc. The same goes for activities and entertainment. Such a variety and flexibility.

Entertainment options include comedy shows and famous Off-Broadway shows. The fun does not end here. There are trampolines and water slides on many of their ships.


The Norwegian Cruise line offers many inclusive packages for travelers. Sometimes for free! But the downside is that the a-la-carte approach and surcharges may confuse you while trying to book a package.

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#4: Royal Caribbean International- Adventurous Yet Elegant Voyaging

Size of ships: Large

Cost: $, $$

Royal Caribbean has something for all ages.


The young can spend their days on the ice skating rinks, skydiving chambers, climbing walls, zip lines, and an array of active sports. The line is also famous for its innovative robotic bartenders. Pinky's up!

Since the ships are large, they love to have fun with architecture and themes. You can see various themes in different parts of the ship. They try to give a personal touch to every aspect of the vessel.

The staff are good, the ships are clean, and the muster drills are thorough. The kid's program is free and stretches all day long until 10 pm. There is plenty of pizzas aboard, and the Johny Rockets Diner is an excellent deal for a low cover charge.


Now for the low points. The cabins, and especially in the older ships, are smaller than average. The food in the main dining room may not be up to your expectations either.

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#5: MSC Cruises: Explore and Discover

Size of ships: Medium, Large

Cost: $

The MSC Cruises offers a variety of experiences and hosts a range of passengers.


MSC has an energetic vibe. But what sets MSC apart is its diversity and that it has so much to explore and discover!

The line has more active sports like bowling, ziplining, etc., and less personal contact activities. 

But the best part about MSC? It is very affordable. Sometimes, it touches the price tag of $39 per person per night. It has a varied itinerary. It covers places like Dubai, Southern Africa, Asian Countries, and more.


Now owing to all this diversity, there arises a problem for a few. The crowd is hugely diverse and speaks different languages. This issue means that you may not get that community kind of feeling onboard.

Diverse and affordable, it sounds like a recipe for a successful cruise!  Click below to search for an MSC Cruise.

MSC Cruise

#6: Celebrity Cruises- Luxury At It's Best

Size of ships: Large

Cost: $$

Celebrity Cruises is one of the most famous cruise lines among couples.


Celebrity cruises are one of the most famous cruise lines cruising here on the high seas. They will make you feel like a celebrity all the time you are with them. They are classy and cater to the mature, more sophisticated crowd.

The activities include wine tastings, glassblowing classes, art tours using iPad devices, spas, etc. Then there are speciality restaurants offering sushi pops and other delicacies again with menus on iPads.

Also, dining requires formal attire to maintain the dress code. And you cannot forget the exclusive lawn club (with real grass).


These activities all talk about luxury but maybe a bit slow-moving for the young. Although the Celebrity Cruises is quite reasonably priced considering the luxury offered. Yet, a few fitness classes and the spa's Thalassotherapy pool are highly-priced.

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#7: Holland America Line- Classic Traditional Voyaging

Size of ships: Medium

Cost: $, $$

Holland Cruise Ship

Holland America Line is one of the best cruise lines for retired and the mature age group of people.


These ships have a relaxed and tranquil vibe. The activities onboard include cooking classes, on-deck yoga, wine tastings, etc. Apart from this, you will also find live music aboard the ships.

Other highlights include free canapes in bars before dinner and free shows in a real theatre. Poolside lunch buffets are also a great deal, especially at these prices.


All of the experiences are designed in a manner to cater to the mature crowd. However, there are a few experiences for the young too. But it does not meet the nightlife and active sports opportunities of Carnival and Royal Caribbean.

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#8: Princess Cruises- Royal Elegance

Size of ships: Large

Cost: $$

Princess Cruises indeed offers a royal princess-like treatment to their guests.


Princess Cruises are one of the most famous cruise lines for couples and families. They offer high-class cuisine options, learning, and educational programs.

The cuisine options include gala buffet spreads at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, pizza made from scratch is available at the poolside. The line offers the Scholarship at Sea Program. Here you can learn anything, be it cooking or anything else under the sky.

Some ships also have a movie screen on the pool deck for movie nights.

Princess Cruises bring the golden age of cruising vibes back home. For example, the reserved dress code and the 'see them off' program, in which your friends can see them off at the ship and have lunch with them for a nominal fee.

Princess Cruises is mainly for couples and grown-ups. It has a relaxed feel and caters to a range of ages.

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#9: Disney Cruise Line- Magical Fun

Size of ships: Large

Cost: $$, $$$

Disney cruise line brings with it it's magic.


The cruise feels like the Disney spell is cast all over the ship. Disney character appearances themed shows, and other Disney experiences abound on their ships.

The line puts up a high-quality stage production and regularly calls in Castaway Cay (a resort kind of island). And both will blow your minds!

About the food, there are exquisite restaurants, like an upscale French restaurant, Remy, etc.


But the downside of the ships is that they are often too crowded. Thus the pool and other popular places are full many times. Next, there is no casino onboard. Therefore, in a way, it is suitable for children, but a few adults may miss it.

But if you are doing this for your children. You will not regret the decision. The line is ideal for children and those that are still children at heart.

There is NO other place you can feel the magic but on a Disney Cruise. Disney sells quickly, so act now!

#10: Costa Cruises- The Italian Way of Voyaging

Size of ships: Medium, Large

Cost: $

Costa Cruises is one of the best cruise lines if you want a multifaceted cruise vacation and like Italian food.


Most of us would be up for both of them, which makes Costa Cruises ideal. They bring us the exotic Italian way of cruising.

Although Costa Cruises caters to mostly adults than youngsters, it still has many activities for the kids. But some of the unique activities onboard is the presence of small dairies that produce luxurious cheeses.

There is always a fun atmosphere, and contests and costume parties are the norms.

The itinerary of these ships is very diverse. Be it the Mediterranean or the Bahamas, they cover it all.


The drawback may be for some is that the announcements happen in so many languages, which can bother a few guests and take a long time to get through. Other than that, Costa cruises are the way to go for anyone who wants a rich, many-sided cruise vacation.

#10: Cunard Line- Classic Romantic Cruising

Size of ships: Large

Cost: $$

Cunard gives you the old classic romantic vibes of 1840.


No cruise company comparison can be complete without Cunard. The art showcased everywhere on the ship is a subject to learn about. The ambience is formal. There is a high afternoon tea, and then a formal attire dinner.

The two-story dining rooms are a spectacle to watch and one of the most luxurious at sea. They host one of the biggest libraries at sea too. The ship Queen Mary 2 is pet-friendly. You can bring your dear furry friends with you on the cruise!

Cunard Dog Meme

Cunard is one of the best cruise lines if you want a relaxed and sophisticated cruising experience.


The drawback is that the nightlife is next to nothing. Only a drawback for those that want to party!

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#12: Regent Seven Seas Cruises- Luxury Redefined

Size of ships: Small

Cost: $$$

It's all about luxury. And it is one of the best cruise lines if you are a couple.


Regent Seven Seas Cruises is an ultimate experience, and no cruise company comparison can be complete without it. 

The cruise line keeps its promise of an all-inclusive package near to its heart. ❤️ Everything is paid as a lump sum. Like the minibar in your cabin, alcohol you take away, flights, pre-cruise night's stay, unlimited shore excursions, and much more.

The food highlight of these ships is that they include 4-5 complimentary restaurants—they for sure consist of a steakhouse and an Italian restaurant.


Many families make their way to the cruise during peak season, making the ship crowded with children. The ships are small and not designed for kids. This results in packed pools.

Otherwise, the line is a great choice, and you will never be disappointed.

#13: Seabourn Cruise Line- It's All About Luxury!

Size of ships: Small

Cost: $$$

Seabourn Cruises are one of the most famous cruise lines in the wealthier, learned, and mature group.


The highlight of these ships is the Seabourn Nightly Program. This program brings well-travelled intellectuals from far and wide and then starts the lectures and casual chats.

Like Regent, Seabourn Cruise Line is also an all-inclusive package.

Seabourn Cruise Line is one of the best in this cruise company comparison with great food and equally great company.

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#14: Silversea Cruises- Exotic Experiences

Size of ships: Small

Cost: $$$

Silversea Cruises is a luxury, savvy, and all-inclusive line.


Silversea Cruises is the last line in our Cruise Company Comparison. But what makes it different from all other lines is its ports of the calls. Since the ships are smaller, they can dock into the smaller ports of Indonesia, Galapagos, and the like. The cruise line has partnered with local agencies to provide an unforgettable experience. This kind of partnership gives the luxury-seekers some choice.

Other than that, the rooms are also large with walk-in closets and marble bathrooms, etc. When you speak of luxury, you speak of Silversea Cruises.


So that was all in our cruise company comparison guide. We have tried to fit in the best and famous cruise lines into our article. Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian are for the young and young at heart. They are affordable and have an energetic vibe.

And if you have a Disney fan at home, there is nothing better than Disney Cruises.

Holland America, Celebrity and Princess for the couples.

And lastly, Cunard, Regent Seven Seas, Seabourn, etc., are ultra-luxurious and for the mature.

We hope this article was helpful and that it is now evident in your mind about which cruise to choose. If you are ready, book your cruise, don't hesitate, prices usually go up. We do not take any service charges, unlike most travel agents, which means savings to you! Plus, you can use these savings for a dinner date and make more from your vacation.