Cruise Beverage Packages

What is included in a Cruise Beverage Package. Here we will explain what they are all about and if they are beneficial!

Cruise Beverage Packages
Alcoholic Drink

A cruise is never complete without taking a sip of various beverages onboard.

The majority of cruise lines offer cruise beverage packages to their passengers who dislike paying individually for drinks. If you're looking for a complete understanding of beverage packages, you have come to the right place! 

These packages allow you to pay one base price that covers most, be it alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks on board. Many cruisers enjoy the brightly colored and appealing wines and cocktails from these packages.

Since, each beverage package policy is different, feel free to follow the link below to your specific cruise lines packages policy!

Unlimited Drinks 

Instead of paying the price per drink, you can buy a beverage package. When you pay for an all-you-can-drink package, you can enjoy unlimited drinks of a particular type that is outlined by the available drink list. 

These packages are offered to you by a lot of cruise lines, except for the most expensive ones, which include the drinks at no additional cost.

Depending on how often you plan to buy their drinks on board, a package is a good deal. Make sure you do the MATH, taking into account gratuites due.  Make sure it's worth your money.

Insider Tip:  Countless times a Guest will opt-in for the Beverage package, On average each adult in the room must drink 10-12 cocktails a day to make the package worth it.

Below is a wonderful tool I made.  Fill out the boxes, it will tell you approximately how much cost you will incur for paying for your drinks one-by-one.  Compare this final cost with what it would COST you to get the FREE beverage package. As you know. Many times a beverage package requires a high cabin choice and tips to be pre-paid.

Beverage Cost

(Calculate Beverage Cost easily)

How many beers will you drink on sea days? $0.00
How many beers will you drink port days ? $0.00
How many Cocktails and/or glasses of Wine will you drink on sea days? $0.00
How many Cocktails and/or glasses of Wine will you drink on port days? $0.00
How many sea days is your cruise?
How many Port days is your cruise?


Approximate cost for Alcohol without the Beverage Package

$ of Beers
$ of Beer and Wine
Plus 20%
Service Charge
$0.00 $0.00 $0.00

Purchasing A Beverage Package 

Any cruiser has the freedom to purchase a beverage package. However, these packages are restricted to those who meet the 18 or 21 drinking age restrictions. Some cruise lines allow 18-year-olds to drink with parental consent or other situations. Please check the cruise lines website by following the link below. 

Most lines only offer and sell beverage packages to all adult passengers who are in the same cabin or they share the same booking number. Why?  The cruise line is trying to limit “sharing”.  For example, one person buys the package and shares it with everyone else.  It's disappointing that it has to be like this, but a few in the past have ruined it for the rest of us. 

There are some instances that when parents purchase alcoholic drinks, their kids will be given the non-alcoholic package. Some cruise lines do not offer beverage packages on select sailings or ships.

Cocktail Drinks

Pre Pay

When buying a premium beverage package, some cruise lines allow you to prepay for the package before boarding. The good thing about prepaying at the beginning of the cruise is that some lines occasionally offer a slight discount.

If you're lucky they give it away for FREE, you only pay for gratuities.

Meanwhile, you can book the drink package in advance, we recommend doing it during your online check-in. If not, you can purchase it on board at the beginning of your cruise.

Be aware that cruise lines vary in terms of policies as to whether you can purchase packages only on select days or throughout the cruise. Check the links below.

Types of Beverage Packages 

Beverage packages vary from bottled water to all-inclusive packages covering coffee, soft drinks, beer, wine, and cocktails.

Several cruise lines provide wine packages with varying vintages and numbers or bottles or coffee cards with a set number of drinks.

Furthermore, drink packages can be a set per-day fee for varying drink packages. Some packages can also be a set of a number of drinks, where passengers can purchase them at discounted prices.

For example, a package includes six bottles of red wine or 15 bottles of bottled water.

To know what the drinks included in a package are, you can check on the lines’ websites. Use the links below to view their policies. Oftentimes, the package description will list the price maximums for cocktails, wines, and beers.

So, as you plan to take your first voyage, do not forget to purchase a beverage package. After all, it can be your way of celebrating a beautiful cruise. 

Insider Tip:  Always look for a FREE Beverage Package Promo during booking!

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